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Just a few months more before we bid goodbye to 2016! Other than welcoming more rainfall in Singapore, the arrival of September also signifies the start of 2016’s wedding season leading up to February 2017!

As a photography firm, Senica Photos captures wedding moments of this era, and we are very curious to find out the transition of wedding photography in Singapore over the decades.

Hence, we have put up this collection of wedding photography taken in Singapore since our Great Grandparents time! Hope you enjoy our mini time travel collection!

Author’s note:

Traditions and customs from different cultures and religions are beautiful elements that make each wedding different, however going through the array of photographs we found got us feeling thankful that some painful traditions have been thankfully left behind. For instance, footbinding of girls who came from wealthy family (your choice to google search footbinding to see how painful it can be!)

Looking at the weddings traditions and customs that we have to go through these days, I think many (especially our seniors) would find us quite fortunate.

If you manage to finish this collection, you will also see a photograph of a child bride. I remember when I was much younger, the elderly at home always relayed to me that I am fortunate to receive education because for them at this age (around 8 years old), they would have been already married to someone. For them, there was not a chance for free-will love marriage. This didn’t sound absurd to me back then probably due to too much TV watching. Now thinking back, it is a pretty amazing thing to have family members who had lived through those stringent traditions and customs through Singapore’s developments.

To be honest, I regret not asking more about what my elderlies went through in the early days of Singapore when I had the opportunity. A living history is truly invaluable. If you have a living history in your life, remember to cherish him/her and be sure to hear their life experiences :)


  1. 1910s
  2. 1920s
  3. 1930s
  4. 1940s
  5. 1950s
  6. 1960s
  7. 1970s
  8. 1980s
  9. 1990s
Wedding in 1910s Singapore
Wedding in 1920s Singapore

western style wedding 1920s SingaporeWestern style wedding in 1920s Singapore

Peranakan Wedding 1920-1930s Singapore

Peranakan wedding between 1920s 1940s

Wedding in 1930s Singapore

Malay wedding in 1930s Singapore 

Wedding in 1940s Singapore

1940 Eurasian Wedding

Eurasian wedding in 1940s

  1940 Eurasian Wedding Singapore

Eurasian wedding in 1940s Singapore

  Indian Wedding with Child bride 1940s Singapore

Indian wedding with child bride in 1940s Singapore

triple wedding 1940s Singapore

Triple Wedding for three brothers – Singapore, 1940s

Wedding in 1950s Singapore

1950s Wedding Singapore

1950s Wedding Portrait, Singapore

Wedding of Singapore’s beloved Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and Mdm. Kwa Geok Choo

1950s Singapore Jewish wedding

Jewish wedding in 1950s Singapore

1950s Peranakan wedding Singapaore

Peranakan Wedding in 1950s Singapore

Mass wedding in 1950s Singapore organised by the Hokkien Huay Kuan

Wedding in 1960s Singapore

Hindu wedding ceremony in 1960s Singapore

 1960s wedding singapore

Wedding in 1970s Singapore
Wedding in 1980s Singapore
Wedding in 1990s Singapore

Hindu wedding ceremony in 1990s Singapore

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