Timothy & Clarice’s SFX Singapore Wedding

There are some people who radiates warmth and injects positivity to all people and matters around them. Tim & Clarice is one of them and we have been so lucky to be part of their wedding celebration, soaking in the good vibes. About a year plus ago, we met Tim at the Church of St. Francis Xavier when documenting another wedding (thanks M&J) and Tim was assisting with the sound system. There wasn’t a lot of time for conversations but there was an unexpected instant click between Seb and Tim.

Fast forward a year plus later, we were documenting Tim & Clarice’s holy matrimony at the same Church. They say that as we age, it’s harder to find people we can connect with, especially right away but on the day we met together with Clarice, we chatted about four hours straight until dinner called. Looking forward to catching up at the next wedding celebration!

Wedding Photography & Videography by Senica Productions.
Wedding Photography by Sebastian. Edited by Sebastian & Monica with love. 

Venue: Church of St. Francis Xavier , Empress
Hair & Makeup: YuHui Tay

Gown: Stitch by Stitch
Suit: A Gentleman’s Tale

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sfx singapore wedding
sfx singapore wedding
sfx singapore wedding
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