Sandeep & Gigi’s Botanico Wedding

Sandeep & Gigi’s cosy wedding celebration on a lovely Wednesday afternoon at Botanico. Due to Covid and the fact that S+G are based overseas for work and that many of their friends are also based around the world, they haven’t had the opportunity to catch up properly and see each other in a really long time. The couple’s union in Singapore was a perfect opportunity to have everyone gather and it was easily one that we saw most hugs happened. Despite the fact that the celebration took place on a mid-week, all guests were present.

Documenting them, we also got to experience many emotions with the couple that day and it’s also a feeling of internal bliss and peace to see the couple reunite with their friends and families and to see that everyone is doing well ❤️

P/S they also only flew into Singapore days prior to the wedding and the moment they touched down, both were busy settling their own wedding duties hence the first look was special for them.

Wedding Photography by Senica Productions.
Wedding Photography by Edmund. Edited by Sebastian & Monica with love. 

Venue: Botanico at The Garage, Park Royal Collection Marina Bay
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