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Not every couple is bestowed with good weather on the day of the pre-wedding shoot or actual day wedding ceremony. Fact is, sad to say, there is no guarantee to the weather these days.

Hence, one of the most common questions we receive from couples is- What should we do when it rains?

Well, fret not, for pre-wedding shoot, photographers who are nice and understanding (like us! Haha!) will allow couples to reschedule another day for the shoot if time permits.

If not, we also recommend to shift to indoor locations that allow bridal photography to take place. Some popular choices include the National Museum, Art Museum and Chijmes. (Do note that there is a fee required in order to shoot within the museum compounds). While popular, we did not include the National Gallery Singapore as photo shoots within the compound have to take place before the gallery opens, between 730 am to 930am.

In our line of photography, weather is key. However, since we shoot all year round, surely there are times where we inevitably have to gear our equipments up and shoot in the rain. Having gone through that several times, we find that rain may not turn out to be such a nightmare if the couple is able to maintain a positive mindset.

While you may have already won half the battle with a positive mindset, here’s more tips and advices from us to ensure that you win the whole battle!

1. Check the forecast a week before Pre-wedding / Actual wedding day

This will give you heads up on whether you and your partner should prepare a rainy backup plan. Be sure to communicate this plan to people involved, such as your photographer and friends who will be assisting you. (Read our personal insight on getting ready for your pre-wed shoot!)

2. The Backup Plan

There are many outdoor wedding venues in Singapore equipped with wet weather plans, such as The Halia Restaurant and The Alkaff Mansion. You can always speak to the venue managers to find out more about such options before deciding on a venue.

The Halia Restaurant. Photo Credit: blog.wearespaces.com

The Alkaff Mansion outdoor areaThe Alkaff Mansion. From our portfolio: Boris & Elaine Solemnization

The Alkaff Mansion outdoor areaThe Alkaff Mansion. From our portfolio: Boris & Elaine Solemnization

3. Prepare umbrellas

Here is where our wet weather photography tip really comes in! To prepare for potential rainy weather, clear umbrellas that you can see through are a must to pack!

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These umbrellas can match any outfit and while keeping you dry, they also allow natural light to lit up your face. It will be a bonus if you are able to find those dome shaped ones as they provide more coverage and look better in photographs.

While clear umbrellas are priority, you can also prepare additional coloured umbrellas that will match your pre-wed or wedding theme especially if you are doing a casual pre-wed shoot. (If you’re still deciding on your pre-wed outfit, check out our article on Taobao wedding gowns for ideas!)

If you are firm with the decision of outdoor wedding ceremony amid wet weather periods (e.g. monsoon season), you could also prepare umbrellas for your guests to match the wedding theme.

4. Waterproof Makeup

Brides-to-be, be sure to pack waterproof makeup for light touch up if the makeup artist that you’ve engaged is not following you throughout the shoot or the wedding.

5. Important Miscellaneous

Prepare an extra casual outfit each, especially so for pre-wed shoot. This will serve as backup should the formal outfits get too wet and heavy or dirty. Apart from that, you and your partner can also change out of your formal/wet outfit into the comfy casual wear.

Oh, and also remember to pack in towels!

6. Maintain a positive mindset and a happy heart

It is true that we are unable to control how the weather works, but there are always ways to work around the rain. We say this with confidence because we have been through it. Once you have fulfilled your part on the preparation, trust your photographer and let him/her rise up to the occasion to deliver great shots.

“As people become more intimate under the rain, this allows me to capture a lot more emotions”
– Sebastian, Co-founder of Senica Photos.

Remember, if you receive showers of blessings on your actual wedding day, affirm yourself and your partner that it is ultimately your wedding and your guests have gathered to celebrate this special day with you. So on your wedding day, leave it to your wedding assistants like your sisters (jie-mei) and brothers (xiong-di) to manage the wellbeing of your guests and enjoy your wedding moment, be it rain or shine!

We wish for every couple to indulge in their wedding moment and have a blessed and blissful marriage!