Jonathan & Ulrika’s Church of St Teresa & Min Jiang Wedding

Best friend. Better half. Soulmate. It’s the people around that matters the most—

When Jon & Ulrika shared their wedding venue (Min Jiang) with us, our initial thoughts was it’s a Chinese restaurant, it’s likely gonna be something a little more formal and traditional. But, we’re wrong, utterly. With a close bunch of friends and families who sing the same tunes and groove to the same beats, anywhere becomes a party. Cheers to the memorable celebration of sparkles, cakes, champagne, love and Bon Jovi 😎

Pre-wedding & Wedding Photography by Senica Productions.
Wedding Photography by Sebastian. Edited by Sebastian & Monica with love. 

Venue: Church of St Teresa Singapore, Min Jiang at Dempsey
Hair & Makeup: Makeup Maestro

Gown: Bridefully Yours, Grace Atelier Weddings

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