Tips on how to prepare Suan Tian Ku La for your wedding gate crash!

Gatecrashing is a segment that is often arranged in the Chinese wedding process to test the groom’s determination in fetching the bride. It is mostly played in the Chinese communities from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. Read More

2022 Wedding Gown Trend

Marriage is an important rite of passage that every couple would experience before starting a family together. As this happens once in a lifetime, many couples take their marriage plans to heart and dedicatedly spend time to make preparations, and even personalisations for the special day. Among the many items on a wedding planning checklist, one that many brides would pay attention to is definitely the wedding gown! Read More

Ultimate guide to your ideal pre-wedding photoshoot based on themes

A pre-wedding shoot is an essential process that most couples would take part in to capture their most intimate moments together and cherish them for a lifetime. In every relationship, a couple would experience various ups and downs which in turn form a unique love story.

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9 Chinese Wedding Customs in Singapore

Feature photos from Kang Wei & Jamie’s wedding.

In current times, most couples adopt a modern take on the flow of their wedding by either incorporating some traditions or none at all. Some do it for the experience, but there are also others who continue to carry on the practices based on the traditions unique to their dialect groups.Read More

11 Wedding Gown Trends You’ll Love

Feature photo credit: Scott Broome on

Trends are ever-evolving and there are always fresh new takes on trends from past decades! We’ve scoured the web and picked out some of the top 11 wedding dress trends we love (and you will too) in 2020!Read More

5-Step Guide to Getting the Perfect Engagement Ring [2020]

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With so many styles of engagement rings available in the market, picking the right one for your partner can get really overwhelming. Apart from the design itself, there are many other factors to consider when determining which is the ideal ring for your significant other.

With that, we hope that this guide will shed some light on the pricing of different rings!

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Wedding photography in Singapore through the ages

Feature Photo Credit: National Archives Singapore

Just a few months more before we bid goodbye to 2016! Other than welcoming more rainfall in Singapore, the arrival of September also signifies the start of 2016’s wedding season leading up to February 2017!

As a photography firm, Senica Photos captures wedding moments of this era, and we are very curious to find out the transition of wedding photography in Singapore over the decades.

Hence, we have put up this collection of wedding photography taken in Singapore since our Great Grandparents time! Hope you enjoy our mini time travel collection!

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What You Didn’t Know About Raffles Hotel

Feature photo: Raffles Hotel as we all know, is a historic five star hotel in Singapore under the AccorHotels Group. Intrigued by its rich history and timeless olden day colonial architecture, Senica Photos decided to dig in to the history of this National Monument. We were amazed by the events this alluring building has witnessed over the century. Read More

Rain on your big day? No worries, these are ways you can overcome it!

Feature photo credit: Thomas Stewart Photography

Not every couple is bestowed with good weather on the day of the pre-wedding shoot or actual day wedding ceremony. Fact is, sad to say, there is no guarantee to the weather these days.

Hence, one of the most common questions we receive from couples is- What should we do when it rains?

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Stunning old photos of Singapore you may not have seen before

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Senica Photos would like to dedicate this post to our nation’s late founding father, Mr. Lee who passed on on 23rd March 2015.

With the long weekend approaching, the initial intention of this post was to feature Tanjong Pagar Railway station as a place to consider visiting over the weekend, as it’s only open on Public Holidays. However, while searching for photos of the station, I came across many old photos of Singapore which I have never seen. Familiar places such as North Bridge road, Bugis street, Chinatown etc, were barely recognisable. Read More