Alexander & Delores’s Social Affinity Wedding

We had so many held back excitements when we knew that Alex & Dee will be celebrating their wedding at a pet-friendly venue where all three of the family’s doggos will be joining throughout the celebration. Reaching the dinner venue, we realised that on top of having the dogs be free going around and about the wedding venue, the couple’s guests also had the beverage option of bubble tea (yes and it’s free flow!) and many snacks variety to nibble on.

On each table, there was also a cake baked by Dee’s sister so that all the wedding guests could join in during the cake cutting ceremony (how thoughtful is this). The cake was also decorated to match the colourful palette seen through the wedding decorations. It was an intimate wedding at an alternative location and we are so glad to have witnessed the joy, laughters and tears (of joy) alongside Alex, Dee and their families+friends. It was also an absolute delight documenting Alex & Dee’s wedding as we were surrounded by the constant flow of good vibes (seriously, everyone was so nice and welcoming), it’s a celebration that we still reminisce about ❤️

Wedding Photography & Videography by Senica Productions.
Wedding Photography by Sebastian. Edited by Sebastian & Monica with love. 

Venue: Social Affinity
Hair & Makeup: Feautte

Gown: Taobao

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