Marriage is an important rite of passage that every couple would experience before starting a family together. As this happens once in a lifetime, many couples take their marriage plans to heart and dedicatedly spend time to make preparations, and even personalisations for the special day. Among the many items on a wedding planning checklist, one that many brides would pay attention to is definitely the wedding gown! 

Here are some of the top wedding gown trend in Singapore 2022:


1. Strapless 

Strapless dresses have been around since the 1900s and are still popular among brides until today. This modern neckline can bring out the gentle yet defined collar of the bride. 

Romantic outdoor rooftop wedding

From Jun Guang & Vanneza’s Wedding.

blog image

From Nick & Beatrice’s Wedding.

2. V-neck

V-neck is another flattering design that can complement the bride’s figure and show off the bustline. This neckline generally gives off a magnificent vibe to the wedding gown and makes any bride stand out! 

Clifford Pier Wedding

From Jason & Joanne’s Wedding.

From Alan & Denise’s Wedding.

The Riverhouse Wedding

From Ian & Mabel’s Wedding.

3. Spaghetti Strap

If you are looking for a more comfortable and modest option, the spaghetti strap neckline is the one for you! This neckline is a universal design that can save you the hassle from finding a matching wedding gown silhouette.

Jurong lake garden pre-wedding

From Jonathan & Ulrika’s Pre-Wedding.

Empress Singapore Wedding

From Merrill & Joyce’s Wedding.

From Terence & Eileen’s Wedding.

Gown Fabrics

1a. Chantilly Lace

The chantilly lace has been well-sought after since the 18th century for its delicate, defined patterns, and lavish details. It is an exquisite choice to have the chantilly lace adorned to your wedding gown if you would like to wear something that is dreamy and vintage.

1b. Embroidered Lace

The embroidered lace is woven delicately using a thread and needle, producing an intricate design filled with elaborated details. Due to the handmade nature of the product, these designs can be customised, giving your wedding gown a unique touch.

1c. Alencon Lace

The alencon lace is a needlepoint lace typically used to produce floral designs on a sheer or net background. It gives a romantic and dainty look on your wedding dress, making you look like a princess out of a disney movie! 

Here are some examples of gowns with intricate lace designs:

From Yii Hang & Rosanne’s Wedding.

From Yuen Hyung & Si Ying’s Wedding.

Singapore Nature Pre-wedding blog

From Jia Ming & Ruth’s Pre-Wedding.

2. Satin

Satin fabric is generally known to be smooth and glossy, allowing the bride to look striking, confident and neat. The material also produces a luxurious vibe which is ideal for any kind of wedding theme.

blog photo

From Bryan & Jill’s Wedding.

St Regis Caroline Mansion Wedding

From Kevin & Varee’s Wedding.

wheeler estate wedding

From Nicholas & Christine’s Wedding.

3. Chiffon

Chiffon is a lightweight fabric that offers the bride mobility and cooling effect, ideal to wear in countries with warmer weather conditions like Singapore. The gown might seem less formal however it brings about the chic and fun personality trait of the bride. If this sounds like you, chiffon is definitely your go-to gown fabric.

From Tim & Stella’s Wedding.

Botanic Gardens Wedding

From Ross & Sammie’s Wedding.

From Kee Nian & Christina’s Wedding.

Wedding Gown Silhouettes

1. Trumpet

A trumpet silhouette is the perfect dress for brides who want to flaunt their body curves. The design is body hugging at the waist before flaring out from below the hips, giving off a charming and elegant look.  

Four Seasons Hotel Wedding

From Yi Jiang & Ler Ling’s Wedding.

Shaun & Sok Yee blog photo

From Shaun & Sok Yee’s Wedding.

From Nicholas & Amanda’s Wedding.

2. A Line

Just like a spaghetti strap neckline, an A line silhouette gown is a universal design for all kinds of body types and necklines. The gown flares out from the waist, forming the shape of the letter A. If a body-hugging gown is not the one for you, perhaps this romantic-style dress would be a great alternative!

From Han Jie & Cassandra’s Wedding.

From Zhong Yuan & Clarice’s Wedding.

Chijmes Singapore Wedding

From Dave & Prudence’s Wedding.

3. Mermaid

The mermaid silhouette might look similar to that of a trumpet’s, however there is a difference between the two. Unlike a trumpet gown which flares out from below the hip, a mermaid gown flares out from the knee like a mermaid tail. This silhouette accentuates well with the bride’s curves (from the bust to the hips), giving an alluring hourglass figure.

lorong halus pre wedding shoot

From Jarrett & Cristalbelle’s Pre-Wedding.

Sheraton tower wedding blog pic

From Wei Cong & Jing Wei’s Wedding.

From Amos & Lanxi’s Wedding.